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Managing the cost of accommodations As

Managing the cost of accommodations As noted above, the cost of meeting one's legal duty to accommodate usually is modest. An administrator whose arm is in a cast types with one hand. Count an employee's accommodations as tax-deductible business expenses. However, accommodating some individuals is expensive. It can be challenging to get enough light to work without triggering sensitivity symptoms.

Buy an adjustable, wire-frame book holder at an office supply store. Raise the desk on wooden blocks. She finds it awkward to capitalize letters because the shift key and the letter key must be pressed simultaneously. Apply for a tax exemption. Research suggests that people with disabilities are more effective in their jobs than their non-disabled colleagues.

The benefits of accommodating Companies that accommodate employees enjoy substantial benefits. These are also suggestions you can provide your supervisor if you are having current issues with light sensitivity or would like to better inform them about any special accommodations you may have.

An administrator whose arm

Long-term productivity gains can easily offset the initial cost of an accommodation. Because of repetitive strain injuries, an articling student lacks the strength to hold open books and journals. Others may be able to self-accommodate if given flexibility to adjust the lighting near their workstation. It compared employees with and without disabilities in terms of Safety, Attendance and Job performance.

Consider installing filters in fluorescent light fixtures to reduce the negative effects of fluorescent lights. Explore accommodations to enhance concentration such as reducing background noise or allowing the employee to listen to music through headphones while working. As well as saving money, accommodations add value to the workplace. From America's Heroes at Work.

Find out which organizations in your jurisdiction have legislative and contractual obligations to the employee. Reorganize the shelves so that all items that the worker regularly uses are within easy reach.