Fires of Conscience Unknown Date

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The terraformed Martian environment, which had teemed with Terran life for centuries, was rendered a barren crimson desert again. At their first sight of the Master of Mankind many Tech-priests were overcome with the feeling that they had met the living embodiment of the Omnissiah, the Machine God clad in human form.

Many billions of Skitarii are dispatched to Hell's Teeth with all haste. The War of Neotech Unknown Date.

For millennia the Mechanicum ruled over Mars, sending out colony expeditions to spread its faith and its way of life across the galaxy, which led to the founding of the first Forge Worlds. Elixia is consumed by a daemonic invasion, its remaining populace eliminated by a necessary Exterminatus within the solar week. Constellations are forever changed as the Apostles purge the outer sectors of the Segmentum Obscurus.

The terraformed Martian environment which

Most elder Tech-priests have few organic parts left and eventually become more machine than man. In return, the Mechanicus agreed to aid in the construction of the massive fleets and the provision of the technical aid necessary for the Imperium of Man to launch the Great Crusade. Within a standard year of the travesty coming to light, both xenos and human alike have been scoured from the planet, and the salvaged pieces of the Ark Mechanicus borne reverently back to Graia. With a few exceptions, such travels remain limited in scope and stay within the confines of what will later become known as the Segmentum Solar.

The Tyranids enter the galaxy. Much of the Martian population retreated underground, as any who were not equipped with a radiation and life support suit could not long survive on the Red Planet's harsh surface. There, mining wars between rival Forge Worlds escalate to massive fleet battles. However, in doing so they clash with Trazyn the Infinite. When the Inquisitors of Terra's new order take their tithe of data-tapestries, they also unwittingly take the countermeasures that will unravel them.

Many of the Tech-priests declare him to be the Omnissiah, and so the Emperor forges an alliance with Mars. In doing so, they open a long-forgotten gate into the Warp. The Shadow War Unknown Date. Soon the Forge World runs with rivers of molten metal, its surface dotted with a million burnt-out machines. Civil war engulfed thousands of human worlds, even the twin human homeworlds of Terra and Mars.

The carefully constructed atmosphere of Mars was burned away, and once more the rusty surface of the planet was exposed to the deadly radiations of the Sun. The fate of a string of Imperial star systems hinges upon the Forge World at their heart. War rages for a solar decade as thousands of heretical macroclades and robotic Cohorts Cybernetica exterminate all human life from world after world with chilling efficiency.

At their first sight of

Yet the terms of this agreement did not sit well with some within the hierarchy of the Mechanicum. Similar exchanges between other Knight and Forge Worlds occur across the galaxy.

Several Mechanicus war congregations launch a simultaneous attack. Those who did founded new Forge Worlds in the name of the Machine God and built on them a likeness of the great manufactorums and temples of their distant homeworld. They grow superstitious and hidebound in their own traditions while they stand alone in a galaxy besieged by evils. On and on the Expeditionary Fleets push outwards. The Adeptus Mechanicus are forced to employ radical measures in order to survive the ensuing purges.