Phil and Melinda are married

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Daisy's fractured friendship with Fitz must

But now, really, it's too late. But it's this or Asgardian execution, so Loki can't really complain. Reuniting with his undead father never felt so good. Phil and Melinda are married.

It is not a complex plot people it is all about the feels. Follow her life as she meets Phil and Melinda, her new foster parents and gets something she never had before - a real family. Daisy and Mack oneshots mostly about their beautiful friendship. But she didn't expect to wake up with a splitting headache and a ring on her finger. But can Phil and Melinda Coulson change that for Daisy.

Daisy decides it is

Duende Leopold Fitz ponders on what he should have said and when he should have spoken. They look around the globe for him, certain that whatever they find can't be worse than what they imagined.

Daisy decides it is time to return to Earth to understand what the Centipede serum changed in herself. Daisy's fractured friendship with Fitz must also heal while also dealing with the loss of her beloved father figure. That was how long it had been since the last time she saw Fitz, since he had disappeared from the world without a trace. Day three of my Story-a-day challenge for Halloween. Only for Nick Fury to come and Re-recruit him.

Being placed on Coulson's team is less than ideal for anyone involved. No matter how far you run from your the skeletons from your closet always pull you back in, kicking and screaming. Of course, the universe probably won't let them get away with some simple rest and relaxation. He could handle watching one scary movie with them without showing fear.