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Get your free account now! If you happen to attend big fly-in events, there will be interested spectators allowed into the show plane parking areas hanging around to explore and inspect different and unique aircraft. On the other hand, larger fly-ins have strict airshow schedules since the airport has to be closed during the event, mostly for the whole afternoon.

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Every homebuilt aircraft should have specially prepared tiedown points installed during construction. It is a favorite platform among photography enthusiasts, creative brands, and influencers who want to share experiences in creative and visually appealing ways. Learn to become very selective when picking your fly-in excursions.

Take a lapsed pilot flying. Finding an interesting fly-in to engage should not be a problem. This app is amazing if you live in a first world well developed country. For more involvement check Charity Flights. The planned route is displayed on the moving map as vectors.

In case, you neglected to make provision for reliable tiedown points, this does not exempt you from tying your airplane down anyway. Plus, it is a great flight tracking tool that gives access to your friends to follow your flight and share the flight directly on your social media platform after landing. Its features and flexibility suit our operations perfectly.

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Whether at home or abroad, the app provides all the useful information you need for your flight. It is a great city to visit for families. Whether you're a student pilot, experienced pilot or a new pilot looking for a great experience, there's something for everyone out there. More pilots are using their skills to give back.

Garmin International, Inc. More than that, don't forget to file a flight plan. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. You have now more choices on which flight plan would best suit you. Hello, We offer country package subscription that comes with bundle for selected countries.

Flight-planning and navigation app iOS Android Mac OS X

The place is cheap, safe and you will find friendly locals. Using a navigational log or a flight planning application can help you effectively organize the computations. However, coming to a fly-in with your own aircraft demands preparations that you need to adequately integrate. Also create, edit and export custom waypoints and routes and create aircraft profiles for both helicopters and airplanes. Not only does it bring security, it also helps us to gain time during our interventions.

Improvements and bug fixes. It is crucial that all flights are deemed to have a well-structured and organized flight plan, which will not only maximize safety but also reduce the costs where necessary. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. For small or local fly-ins, it depends as to what specific itineraries are arranged.

Navigate with a Flight Planning Application Securing a flight planning application on your device definitely adds a layer of safety. Otherwise, you could use your safety belt to immobilize the control stick. Visit our website for more information. As soon as you arrive at a fly-in event, you may find out that parking choices are very limited, expect to be directed to a specific open space in the homebuilt or show plane parking area.

General optimisation of the application settings for a seamless experience. Remember to find out beforehand if the fuel type you have is accessible.

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With a proper flight assistant application like Air Navigation Pro, big fish games setup enable real-time aircraft moving map navigation which makes cross-country flying a breeze. Air Navigation built numerous partnerships worldwide with official charts providers. You can plan and edit your multi-leg navigation flight plan directly from the moving map or by a quick search in the waypoints database. Choose your route Choose any routes that will allow you to fly at a safe optimum altitude for your aircraft while still allowing you to conveniently identify landmarks on the ground.

Some are casual, spontaneous get-togethers and others are the results of hard work and joint efforts of several flying clubs and organizations. Support for a new external device is not a priority for the moment. With this, a small repair kit should be a part of your onboard toolset and you should carry it at all times in your baggage compartment. We have spent the last months together to figure out what would be the best presentation for the App, and we ended up with this final version. Effective flight planning involves the process of essentially mapping out and understanding all of the criteria, materials, and routes of a flight.

If you need terrain awareness, this app does it well. New user interface for the flight tracking making it easier to share your flights. Its user-friendly tools and elements are a valuable asset to our pilots and they help to reduce their workload. Location This app may use your location even when it isn't open, which can decrease battery life.

Calculate Airspeed, Time and Distance You must complete the speed, distance, time and fuel consumption calculation for each leg of the flight. With this, pilots should try to magnify areas of flying that they feel need work or haven't been reviewed in years. Going there during Summer is perfect to hang out all the beer gardens around the city and witness the mesmerizing view of Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

Its nickname is Jewel Box and it is still a hidden gem for many people. We have the right app for every device! This powerful application has become essential for all our pilots.

Information Seller Xample Sarl. Choose landmarks that are nautical miles apart and are easy to determine. Free flight planning social application for pilots. Instead, they encourage to use a surveyor type ribbon or tape.

But while flying is almost always fun, it's easy to get stuck in a routine. It is hailed as the European Sports Capital! For the time being, we only offer Standard worldwide for United States that's why you need to buy add-on product depending on your requirement. You can plan and track your flights and have access to a database of worldwide airspaces and waypoints. Whether it is about having a barbecue party, camping, trail riding, or waterfall hikes, you better bring gear for such non-flying activities.

One of the smallest countries in Europe, surrounded by mountains. All airplanes attending a fly-in must be tiedown when parked overnight or if it is to be left unattended for any length of time. App usage is clunky and not very intuitive.