Alex is a man on a mission

Alexander skarsgard evan rachel wood dating

Although he can be a bit bland in his own style, he will make sure each adventure ends with a bang. But no matter what the circumstance, the good thing about him is that he never quits.

What is good for Alex and what is his type are most likely vastly different. It was set to the songs of The Beatles. Perfectly understandable how the two would have been attracted to each other.

But no matter whatAlthough he can be

Alexander has been known to attract beautiful women and is often the topic of several dating rumours. The Swedish actor was also rumoured to be dating the Oscar-winning actress, Charlize Theron. He feels at his best when he knows his actions have results. Although, this was never confirmed or denied. However, there was no substance to this story.

Before Alexa, however, there was a string of previous relationships. It will take time and effort for him to build up his ego to have a woman that he has to push himself to impress, but once he gets there, he will find the perfection he craves. She also had a role in The Ides of March.

Wood, who has described the music of The Beatles as a major part of her life, played Lucy, who develops a relationship with Jude Jim Sturgess.

Virgo men like fixing people and, as most of you know, that never ends well. Alex gets off on getting his woman off.

Alex is a man on a mission. If a woman can charge his mental batteries with riveting conversation that stops him dead in his tracks, then that is the woman for him. However, what they had was shortlived. No, this is the guy that is all about love in the traditional sense and having relationships in a super-efficient way.

However, six months later, he found himself back home as a result of a romantic entanglement that did not last and subsequently, he re-established his acting career. Like many rumoured relationships, this was never confirmed or denied. However, the two were only out on a blind date which did not lead to a relationship. However, their relationship was quite short and both celebrities have moved on since. But like Taylor Swift, Alexander is tall, blond, lean and very attractive.