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Hot but not boiling water is poured into the gourd, drunk, then the mate is refilled. In Spanish colonial times a type of sorbet was made from hail or snow. We have gone from being a cultural society to a consumerist one. This region is regarded as perhaps the one most influenced by Native Americans, and its foods are closely linked to the Andean-Incan tradition. Traditional lunches in Argentina are long and well developed.

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The mate gourd or other small cup is filled about three-quarters full with yerba mate, the dried leaves and twigs of the Ilex paraguariensis. This is when most people return home to enjoy a large meal and siesta. Individual authors retain their copyrights. Italian-style ice cream is served in large parlours and even drive-through businesses. Lo deja sobre una mesita y procede a colocarse unos guantes de goma.

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Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Support comes from Joker and Dismantle. Ufomammut Heavy rock and psychedelia by the Italian band. Italian staples, such as pizza and pasta, are eaten as commonly as beef.

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Bread products are consumed all around the country. However, in this area Cassava is cooked alone too, boiled or fried, often as a side dish for asado and empanadas. In the last mentioned session you can also find a small part devoted to extraterrestrial karst.