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Later, the sisters were returned unsold copies of the record. After discovering Fisher had cheated on her, Wilson began dating Michael Derosier. In music videos, camera angles and clothes were often used to minimize her size, and more focus was put on the more slender Nancy. His case was eventually settled without jail time, aided by the fact that he had uncovered corruption at his local draft board which allowed for more exemptions for the wealthy.

Grunge had taken a firm hold on music by this time, and combined with the lack of big hits the album peaked at only on the Billboard charts. Ann stated she began suffering from stress-related panic attacks due to the negative publicity surrounding her weight.

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Nancy would have to step forward and play an unscheduled guitar solo, or other ploys, to buy time for Ann to compose herself. Under the pressure of her sister, Wilson joined the band and relocated to West Vancouver.

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It's been kind of a nightmare. Ann ultimately got therapy on her own. By the time they finished, more than half had walked out. They wrote all the songs for the album except one.

As before, they were using songs from other writers, but with a number-one album on the charts, the pool to choose from was larger. Sharon loved the song and Wilson dedicated it to her on the album notes. We'd turn it way up and rock.

There were only a few people on our crew, or band, who resisted. She revealed that in the s and into the early s she would starve herself and use diet pills to stay thin. To maintain a sense of home no matter where in the world they were residing, the Wilsons turned to music. At the time, Flicker quit his job at Mushroom Records, though he continued his work with the band, producing its following four albums.

It was the band's fourth million-selling album in a row. She impressed them with her vocal skills and, within an hour of meeting, joined the group, which they called Hocus Pocus. Wilson's father, a retired decorated major in the Marines, wrote letters in support of Fisher. Since they lacked a drummer, Sue programmed a rhythm track into her keyboard and they brought a cardboard cutout of Ringo Starr on stage as a joke.

Fearing that Heart's lead singer's figure would compromise the band's image, record company executives and band members began pressuring her to lose weight. The arrangements are sparse, consisting of just Wilson singing and playing acoustic guitar and mandolin, plus backing vocals. Nancy and Ann coaxed Sue to join and play for the one-time event, along with another friend, Frank Cox.