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For one episode, Taco takes martial arts, specializing in use of a naginata a long pole with a blade at the end and studies of naginatajutsu. Ruxin's sarcasm led him to take on the role of Bobbum Man in real life.

Kevin has been highnotized hypnotized under the influence of marijuana by his brother Taco. We adore this name and think many parents out there may feel the same. He means well but his acts of kindness usually have disastrous results. It's another one that's under the radar, but on the rise.

He thinks that he is Baby Geoffrey's true father. It's an old Italian classic that means rest, rock. It is also a great nickname for those named Leonardo. He later replaces her with Rafi, allowing her to join the league. Orlando is an irresistible choice that is similar to the Italian names Octavius, Onofrio or Orfio.

Mountains have long been a symbol of courage, endurance, perseverance and are often places where one goes to commune with a higher power. Lando, Lan and Ando are all possible shortenings of this name. It is also revealed how Rafi was returned to life via special means.

This name can be shortened

Three-time league champion who separates from his wife Meegan Leslie Bibb in the pilot episode. They finalized the divorce, and she was left with only the house. It is also an Italian name fit for a baby destined for greatness. It's a short, no-nonsense name that flows like an Italian breeze. There may yet be a future for this name in the Western part of the world.

Many times when he vomits, he defecates. This name can be shortened to Tristan, Stan or Ano, but we love the lilting and lovely sound this name makes when spoken in its entirety. He is perhaps the most emotional member of the league, prone to crying when his feelings are hurt.

This name is mainstream without feeling overused. Shortenings of Othello could include Thell, Ello or Theo. Because he has difficulty competing in the league on his own, he often takes football knowledge from his wife, Jenny, for which the rest of the League teases him incessantly. Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian artist and inventor during the Rennaissance who created gorgeous paintings that are renowned to this day.

Many times when he vomits