Each word it knows has a number

Arduino lcd hookup

Opens in new tab or window, so you can get back here just by closing it. Also one of those things with so many possibilities that it is hard to know where to start. That is part of the reason I am so enthusiastic about the device.

Your copies won't stay current. Yes- you can get them cheaper. Simply from the difference in air pressure. There's nothing particularly difficult in this project.

Might be worth looking at, just for general ideas in it, even if you don't need an electronic lock. All without frying your Arduino. Servos are like that, not like the mythical owl who can twist and twist. You send Ascii commands, and it sends back what you needed.

Some aspects would carry over to having an Arduino which normally runs on household electricity, but has provision for surviving power failures. This can also serve Pachube or ThingSpeak.

An introduction to connecting switches and push-buttons to an Arduino. Some that involve a peripheral are not flagged as that sort of essay because they also explore more general topics. Fight on with doing it wirelessly. The robot would follow the line of the color you tell it to.

How, easily, without spending a lot of money, to connect a simple liquid crystal display panel to your Arduino, and thus provide for text or numerical output. One or the other of the above may explain why some user's pins are in the middle of oceans.

This isn't only about

There are other good ones, they're just the one I happen to use. In some digressions at the end of the tutorial, I present some project ideas.

This isn't only about how to do things. And in related news, how to do a non-blocking delay. This tutorial explores an alternative.

With the web server described, you can supply a Xively previously Pachube or ThingSpeak data stream source. Using a serial link to another device. You can go a long way with ad hoc answers to things, but you owe it to yourself to someday master the underlying fundamentals.

The program is in good shape, and illustrates some Best Practice ways of doing things. All of the following is about using them the simple way. Besides saving you programming work, it also means that fewer Arduino pins are used for the display. This is covered in the ArduServer. The programming to read from it is not trivial.

And in related news how to