Everything was purposely plenteous

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You know it's time to update the ShowBiz. The ample shaft bent degress over my left thigh top. The fashionably fitted pink lace-up terrycloth shorts left nothing, absolutely nothing to the imagination, molding to her like second skin. To the washroom I went for a needed release.

Kathie Lee positioned her top in such a manner so it not fall. Up I went, standing half-dressed. At this point, exploding was not too far off. She extended her long tongue and lapped at them, crossing it from one side to the other.

Perspiration shined tanned skin under both our sticky clothing. It felt like snapping in two.

There was an unidentified singing superstar hanging around Dublin over past week with her mogul rapper husband and their wee cute baby girl. Only a wet trace of secretions showed my recent path from one boob, down into deep cleavage, then onward up to her other creamy-white, tan-lined mound. Kathie Lee raised her manicured right hand to tuck windblown blonde locks behind both ears. Big news for Irish funny film fans. Fast rhythmic motions slowed.

The social wolfpack were out in force last night for the Irish premiere of The Wolf of Wallstreet. Her boobs were softly yielding, nipples sapphire hard and still terraced. In spiral motions, I closed in on one silver-dollar sized areloa. Trying to keep her lovely eyes from looking down at the prominence became paramount. Air conditioning held the inside temperature down, and dimmed lighting preferred by all.

Perspiration shined tanned skin

Much like an unruly mushroom rising within manicured lawn, my pressurized c-o-c-k-h-e-a-d poked sideways. The evenings are getting shorter, the weather's getting cooler and damper, the leaves are starting wilt and fall. Kathie Lee had a dinner date with her boyfriend and needed to go, picking up her son as mom reentered the home in fashionable time. But since our Jack's back doing a wee Irish movie so is our magic Maddie. Our breathing still hard and self evident.

Sure, we haven't had a new one in nigh on three years. We wait months to see one, then three of them show-up within a few days of each other.

It felt like