Music was my first passion

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There are always going to be fans that are never going to stand having anyone else except Finn for Rachel. They told me I had the gig on the Monday and I started on the Wednesday. The Beatdown the sequel to the film Never Back Down. Neighbours offered me a one-year deal and I really have them to thank. Geyer played Ty Harper throughout - and an acting career was born.

Within days, people started recognizing us on the streets. Dean Geyer is ready to get back to Glee. However, the engagement was later called off due to work commitments.

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Geyer worked with Neighbours drama coach Mike Bishop for four months to help prepare himself for the role and he took vocal lessons to work with his South African accent. Weston is a new love interest for lead character Rachel Berry Lea Michele.

The year-old came third, released an album the following year and it looked like he was set for a pop music career - until fate intervened. At the beginning Brody was perceived as this bad boy but he is not really a bad guy. They became close friends and impressed the judges with their voices and their camaraderie.

At the beginning Brody was