Things improved in the snow

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But the Allroad isOur old longterm

The engine is refined and flexible and offers plenty of punch. The kg towing capacity is identical regardless of the powertrain.

They offer as much or more utility as a crossover without the poor fuel economy and compromised driving dynamics that come with them. Things improved in the snow. Most of us currently own or have owned one in the past or are looking for for a clean Mercedes-Benz S in the future. Accelerating hard out of tight bends on our Dartmoor test route revealed a well matched set of gear ratios, and the fast-shifting S-tronic dual-clutch gearbox is decisive.

Driving a wagon in the winter feels right, and I enjoyed my two chilly nights in this Allroad. It's just as powerful as this car needs to be. Picking more mild driving settings takes the edge off, though.

Even so, in neither old nor new Allroad is the cladding likely to stand up to too much abuse from regular green-laning. The car just pulled and clawed its way through some pretty terrible weather.

The ride was solid, but some bumps delivered more kick than I would like, and I felt the occasional odd shimmy from the back. Peak torque of lb ft arrives between and rpm, so rarely is it left wanting when a burst of acceleration is required. It's the right combination of sportiness and comfort.

Our old long-term Allroad is dearly missed, especially at this time of year. But the Allroad is plenty capable.