Luckily, this was a quick fix

Backup exec hangs on updating catalogs

If you go to Tools, then Options, and pick the Media Management section, you need to adjust the Media overwrite protection level settings.

Respond No to use other media. There are a wide variety of Backup Exec training courses available to help you quickly become a Backup Exec expert. While it was catching up, I started to look for the problem. Media Overwrite Protection is configured to prompt before overwriting imported media.

There are a wide variety

Capacity Edition Full targets mid-market clients with more advanced or complex environments that need the Centralized Administration Server option or deduplication option. Our backups are backup-to-disk, so there wasn't any media to load. Respond Yes to overwrite the media. These should be set to partial, with the prompt before overwriting imported media checkbox unchecked.

This will allow you to preserve your backup jobs. However Veritas will continue to protect bit Windows physical and virtual machines, which have the Backup Exec Windows Remote Agent installed. Respond Cancel to cancel the operation. No wonder it had been waiting since Saturday.

Respond No to use