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Beauty and the beast 1x09 online dating

Meanwhile, Cat is hosting the bridesmaid brunch. So she killed Neil and Drake cleaned up after her. Cat has been hit though and loses consciousness.

Cat arrives back at her apartment and has to quickly get ready for the rehearsal dinner. You hit me, nothing happens then maybe I can go out. Vincent finds the dating profile which Cat has filled out and takes it. Bridesmaid Up is the ninth episode of Beauty and the Beast.

So she killed Neil and

The next day, Tess finds a voice message Brittany left to Sabrina where she says she has done something bad. When she asks if he does, he holds out his hand for her and they begin a romantic slow dance. Feeling under pressure, she tells them that she has someone and they corner her to get her to spill. Drake is also there telling her colleague about his Ponzi scheme.

Meanwhile Cat is hosting the bridesmaid

Tess tells her to take Evan. Her business would be shattered if Drake was exposed as fraud, as it is built around the idea that she can help women end up with a man like her husband. Tess tells her that she should go visit Sabrina Meyer under the guise of getting a date to the wedding to scope her out. They find that he had slept with someone the night before and when they head into the bathroom, they find his body in the shower. Inside, she runs into a drunk Heather who is gushing about Evan.

Clearly your newly sound life is landed you in lalaland. Uncomfortable with being set up, Cat reluctantly admits that she's seeing somebody and confides to Vincent Jay Ryan that she wishes he could be her date. She confronts Sabrina at the precinct. She goes back to Vincent and tries to act normal but he hears her pounding heartbeat.

Cat asks if she can have a look at her dating options but Sabrina say no. Vincent Zalanski, a doctor from Colorado.

She tells Sabrina that he was found dead that morning. She tells them his name is Vincent Zalanski.

Cat goes to see Sabrina where she gives her a form to fill out so they can match her up with someone. The other car stops and Sabrina Meyer emerges with a gun.

Evan notices him and gets out of his car to take a closer look. Cat quickly pulls out her own gun and they both pull the trigger, with Sabrina getting shot dead. Sabrina takes pity on her and lets her look at her options. She turns around and Vincent is waiting at the door. Sabrina mentions he was on a date with a woman named Brittany McCabe.

Suddenly, another car races up behind her and shoots at her, causing her to turn sharply and flip the car. In it, she says her ideal date is hanging out on fire escapes or dinner on a rooftop. The others discuss seating Cat at the singles table. She then reverts to pity seeking and tells her about her wedding date dilemma. Sabrina calls saying she has found a date for the wedding but Cat turns her down.