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Nothing is taboo for Sugar and

Get a sneak peak into the male mind as Katz tells it like it is and helps women get a better understanding of how men really work. Nothing is taboo for Sugar and that's why we love her. Listen out for her name-check at the end.

Start with our first episode. His podcasts are short, sweet and to the point.

Modern Love Relationships come in all shapes and sizes as best illustrated by the popular New York Times column featuring personal essays relating unique perspectives on love and romance. It's no surprise that many of the reader questions center around the deeper and darker questions about love. Strangers Though not strictly about romantic love, many of Lea Thau's stories center around relationships. This weekly podcast features a popular personal essay read by notable personalities followed by a discussion with the writers themselves. Emily Morse openly discusses the role sex plays in relationships and frequently shares dating advice for both men and women.

If you are a podcast lover, here are nine podcasts all about dating and relationships to help you have a competitive edge in the so-called game of love. Founder of Mend, the app that helps you through a breakup. While the topics of this show are not always on love, many of the episodes do explore relationship themes beautifully although, we have to say, all of them are worth listening to. Their podcast features business executives and entrepreneurs offering tips on personal branding, marketing, networking and matchmaking. You will not be able to stop listening, especially as she starts to interview former lovers.

Together, they share news highlights related to relationships and even answer reader questions in a humorous, light-hearted way reminding us that dating is supposed to be fun. If you like this story, visit Mend for more like it, and follow us on Instagram letsmend. As a long-time sex columnist and radio personality, and a true pioneer of sex journalism, you can count on her to go there and tell you all about it. New podcasts are available every Thursday on iTunes.

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Some recent topics include perfecting your pitch in business and dating, how sales techniques can be used in dating, and how to build you as a brand. Hosted by Jane Marie from This American Life, this chatty, humorous podcast helps you navigate the world of dating and relationships in the digital age. Podcasts are the perfect place to talk about love because they feel intimate, and these podcasts are the most intimate of intimate.