To him, life feels like a movie

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He is the first openly homosexual

Arsimi had the power to send someone in a permanent nomination and he chose Anaidi. Both, Rike and Elona, were punished in the Live Show of that week.

He says that he has a deep inner world, but not many know it. During his stay in the house he was quiet and didn't take part in arguments or other things that were happening in the house. She has also been working on some fashion reality shows.

Etleva says that she wanted to enter the house to tell the people that also the girls from villages are clever and beautiful and open-minded as well. He was married but is now living with his girlfriend Elizabet. Anaidi and Joana are in a relationship but not so openly to the housemates. After the third week he started an alliance with Joana and later Xhimi. Antonin has a big friendship circle and recently broke up with his girlfriend who he still has feelings for.

Elona has been

Elona has been friends with Ilir since the beginning and they have created their alliance. He is the first openly homosexual male to enter in Big Brother Albania. After this Eldora and Elena left the alliance with Marselini.

Eldora is known as a silent, kind and very honest person. But this thing didn't happen for some of the housemates, especially with Valon who claimed to be a homophobic and said that all the Albanians are as well. She has a job in the same field as her studies and feels happy in her profession.

Klodian finished in fourth place. Arbana called Klodian in the diary room to talk more about his sexual orientation. Jonila even though was considered as a housemate for four weeks she was inside the house for only three weeks because of her breast implant surgery which was also her secret. Adelajda is very competitive and has stated that she has entered Big Brother to win.