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Jesus is called the Light because He is the Light in two respects. These objections are discussed in a companion article.

Instead, they all probably joined in gathering the flock, doubtless already wakened by the heavenly light, and driving it into town. We can take the same approach to Luke's identification of Quirinius as governor of Syria. For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible. We find no evidence elsewhere, either in the Gospels or in the writings of the early church, that Jesus was born in the period from late April to late May.

The tradition that Jesus was born on the twenty-fifth Clement gives us interesting additional information. Often he was given charge of some specific task, generally in the financial realm. No doubt it was attractive also because it honored another tradition pointing to midwinter as the time of year. Two other Apostles, President J. For a full discussion of the naturalistic explanations offered for the star of Bethlehem, see a companion article.

One popular theory is that it was originally adopted not because of any historical basis, but because it served as a convenient weapon against surviving paganism. Joseph awoke and did all that the angel commanded. Light is pure energy, and without energy there is death. But just as light enables us to see, Jesus awakens the mind to truth and knowledge.

Instead they all probablyWe can take the same