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Venezuela women Not only is it good for your safety, but you can get an idea of what your friends. Management of photos in the back-office. The quotas were based on the census, which undercounted these minorities. The general elections held in October took place in a competitive environment with candidates and political parties freely campaigning and presenting their programs. The law prohibits antiunion discrimination but does not provide adequately for enforcement of these protections.

In October the deputy director for the BiH Audit Office called a reporter for Glas Srpske and accused her using a report she was writing on nepotism in the government to engage in blackmail. The law provides defendants the right to confront witnesses, to present witnesses and evidence on their own behalf, to access government-held evidence relevant to their case, and to appeal verdicts. At the same time, there were no concrete indications that the severe mistreatment of detainees reported earlier had ended. Inspections related to worker rights were limited. The penalties were generally sufficient to deter violations.

The country has a demining strategy, but it remained largely unfunded. Academic Freedom and Cultural Events There were no major government restrictions on academic freedom or cultural events. The Sarajevo Canton government has similarly made no progress in the construction of a new building for the economics faculty. The laws provide a program for integration, resettlement, and return.

Academic Freedom and Cultural EventsThe country has a demining

The government permitted independent human rights observers to visit and gave international community representatives widespread and unhindered access to detention facilities and prisoners. Authorities generally enforced these laws. The public viewed corruption as endemic in the public sphere.

Trade union representatives alleged that antiunion discrimination was widespread in all districts. Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association Freedom of Assembly The law provides for freedom of assembly, and the government generally respected this right.

The government reported one overcrowded institution, representing an improvement that it ascribed to greater use of alternative sentencing. Hi, We understood from project description rummdl you want ranalder continue half developed project raablder and complete remaining modules and fixes the bugs. Authorities and employers sometimes failed to respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. Arbitrary or Unlawful Deprivation of Life There were no reports that the government or its agents committed arbitrary or unlawful killings.

Entity labor laws set mandatory occupational health and safety standards, especially for those industry sectors in which there were working conditions were hazardous. There were instances of intimidation and politically motivated litigation against journalists for unfavorable reporting on government leaders and authorities. As a result women in danger were compelled to go to safe houses. Women had problems with nonpayment of allowances for maternity leave and unwarranted dismissal because they were pregnant or new mothers.

Laws governing the registration of unions give the minister of justice powers to accept or reject trade union registration on ambiguous grounds. There were no prison facilities suitable for prisoners with disabilities. Governments in both entities made only limited efforts to improve working conditions at government-owned coalmines, but such efforts were inadequate for the safety and security of workers. Some of these doubled as shelters for trafficking victims.

Authorities generally gave defense attorneys adequate time and facilities to prepare their clients defense. Roma continued to experience more discrimination than any other segment of the population. Persons in need of documentation, and consequently at risk of statelessness, faced bureaucratic obstacles to completing birth and civil registration as well as inefficient registration procedures. Roma experienced discrimination in access to housing, health care, education, and employment opportunities. Violence against women, including sexual assault and domestic violence, remained widespread and underreported.