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That is a subjectiva perception. You should write the fact not one-side opinions. That is, of course, incorrect if you're a Real Madrid fan. They began with the premise that there was one God who was the Father, and then tried to explain how the Son and the Spirit could also be God.

If we don't have more precise claims in the next weeks, I'll take out the Cn. Those interested on the topic should look for those sources. Im from a village of Cordoba, Andalousia. In doing so you are exhibiting the very characteristics that you accuse the section of levelling at Madrid.

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Personal opinions of editors don't matter at all neither mine, nor Cid's, nor anybody else. This is one of the most cynical examples of Barcelonista propaganda I've ever seen. However, this view is sometimes misunderstood as a form of subordinationism by Western Christians, who also asserts the same view even when not using the technical term i. Discuss and resolve this issue before removing this message.

It might help you to study the policies I have highlighted, as they explain how wikipedia is composed. In fact, if you have a look at this very same section in Spanish language you will notice that such claims have been erased as lots of users refer at them as laughable or ridiculous. This is not factual history but some kind of original research and definitly not neutral. He tended to berate subordinates, frequently shouting and cursing at them.

It is generally conceded that the ante-Nicene Fathers were subordinationists. In this regard they agree. It's a question of perception and symbolic values attached to that perception. Ill be editing if you continue posting that lies. The only thing I know is there is barely a debate about this in English, and that can only harm our knowledge of the matter.

At last, in our Civil War, Madrid was the city which do a great ressitance to the fascist troops, barcelona was conquered in a few days of fight. That supposed article only tells subjective perceptions, not prpbed facts.

Others who are supposed to be neutral, such as Santiago Segurola, will get to talk about it only if what they say is conveniently taken out of context first. This is an article about a very intense rivalry, but should not take sides culturally and politically, just as all other articles on Wikipedia should not.

It is generally conceded that

What I suspect is that the Cn referred to the relevance of the list, but that's something that can only be resolved by consensus. And that stuff about fashion is still there. As a consequence, her work and that of her subordinates started to suffer, and she was missing deadlines. It was the way they approached this dilemma that caused them insoluble problems and led them into subordinationism. The origin of the Holy Spirit from the Father alone as Principle of the whole Trinity is called ekporeusis by Greek tradition, following the Cappadocian Fathers.