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Here are seven for you and I to keep in mind. Your best fit size will vary from brand to brand, and within the brand itself depending on the bra frame. She is currently working as a retail chain bra fitter and as a bra frame fit tester, with aspirations to win the lottery or pass her board exams, whichever comes first. First and foremost be body positive.

Oh, and help you, the customer in the room next to you, and so on. And bottom line, if you are not happy with your bra fitting experience in any way you may walk out at any time. The best bra fitters at the mall in my opinion are the ones associates at competing stores know by reputation. If they are not gushing about how wonderful they are, maybe take a pass on the bra fitting.

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Expect that you might have to try on several bra frames and styles to get your best fit bra, and that you might have to go to more than one store to find one. In my experience, using a tape measure to fit will often underestimate the cup size, at least in the brand that I fit. The experience is all about the fittee, and I am not doing my job if you are not comfortable standing in front of me wearing your bra. Most importantly, if you are not comfortable in any way with the fitting you are receiving, walk away.

There are many things that you can do to ensure you have a positive experience in your mall store fitting. Have patience and block out time in your schedule so I can spend more time with you.

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Your bra fitter should teach you how a bra should fit, helping you find a bra shape that suits your breasts best, and provide washing and wearing tips. And I am tired of hearing horror stories about bra fittings.