Dedicated to Manuel Machado

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The humanism of Erasmus and of Renaissance Italy also impacted his work. Though Vicente did not invent Portuguese theatre, his works surpassed any done before that time. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. Positive aspects of Vicente's works include imagination, originality, and a proficiency in technical knowledge of theatre. In addition, they feature his own musical compositions and well as popular lyrics and melodies of the time.

Dedicated to Manuel Machado. Though he initially studied law, he soon abandoned it for literature. Like a morality play, it explores the journey of the Soul as it travels to the arms of the Mother Church. Unlike plays which echo Manichaeism by presenting the dichotomy of darkness and light, Vicente's work juxtaposes the two elements in order to illustrate the necessity of both.

However a few notable performances

His popularity even enabled him to contradict the opinions of the king, as he did in a letter defending the New Christians. It had already become the fashion for the leading Portuguese authors to write in Spanish as well as in their native tongue, and this fashion was to continue throughout the Renaissance. Vicente's own works indicate contradictory dates.

It is known that ladies and gentlemen of the Court, as well as the poet himself, played parts in his dramas when they were produced in the palace. In contrast, his works sometimes include a romanticism which combines eroticism and waggery with more erudite influences such as Petrarch.

His place of burial is unknown

The third edition was not published until in Hamburg by Barreto Feio, after which Vicente's work was finally rediscovered. He took up the study of law but abandoned it for literature. He wrote no fewer than forty-four pieces, ten of which are in Spanish, fourteen in Portuguese, and the remainder in mingled Portuguese and Spanish. Vicente is one of the most important satirical authors of the Portuguese language.

The staging of these plays maintained the simplicity of morality plays. Pastoral themes present in the writings of Juan del Encina strongly influenced Vicente's early works and continued to inform his later, more sophisticated plays. Most of these were translated into German by Emanuel van Geibel. No surviving portraits of Gil Vicente remain. This play, which shows his proficiency with the form, is comparable to a modern bedroom farce.

Its staging included offerings of simple and rustic gifts, such as cheese, to the future king, from whom great achievements were expected. Though some of his works were later suppressed by the Inquisition, he is now recognized as one of the greatest dramatists of the Renaissance and the leading name in Portuguese theatre. This article was transcribed for New Advent by Michael T. Vicente likely assisted in the production of these works, which include comedic scenes.

His place of burial is unknown. However, a few notable performances had established theatrical precedence in courtly and religious contexts. For example, two simultaneous scenes might utilize a single curtain to divide them. My email address is webmaster at newadvent. His writing in Portuguese and in Spanish shaped both modern Spanish and modern Portuguese drama.