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King Nikola seated right with the royal family. When written in the Latin alphabet, Serbian employs a few diacritical marks, the correct understanding of which will greatly assist the reader in pronouncing names mentioned throughout this book. Italy also controlled Albania and much of Montenegro. The infuriated Austrians, this time with stout assistance from the Germans, invaded Serbia again. In most churches, worshippers stand in the open center of the building or along the walls in high chairs that can support the arms but are too high and narrow for sitting.

The king led a Yugoslav government-in-exile for the rest of the war from Britain. Two-thirds of the lake belong to Montenegro and one-third to Albania.

The Tisa in the north is

The Tisa in the north is another major river, along with the aforementioned Sava and Morava, the last being the only one contained almost entirely on Serbian territory. The Slavic tribes settled a Balkans devastated by previous barbarian invaders and their battles with the Romans. The recorded history of Serbs is therefore intrinsically bound up with their experience of Christianity.

The Slavic tribes

While Kosovo will not be returned to Serbia, it also will not easily function as a normal sovereign state. The Greek patriarch was allowed to begin proselytizing to the Slavs, sending Greek priests into the villages of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia, a custom that was greatly resented by locals. Numerous books and articles have been published about Jasenovac. Much of the wars were characterized by subterfuge, hidden assassins, and civilian massacres.