He was sentenced to four years

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This led to a promotion as toilet cleaner. Some real estate agents that later sold the house without disclosing the macabre history were also fined in court. The parking officers are now keeping their helmets in another safe place at night.

Detectives are yet to identify the thief's gender but forensic testing is being carried out and results will be known soon. Free phone calls to Australia mobile phones Our first class and leading edge technical infrastructure connects with all mobile and landline companies in Australia. He was taken by ambulance to Monash Medical Centre where police arrested him. Local residents were outraged and even senior police were embarrassed about this incident and tore up the ticket under public pressure.

The jury had taken eight

While any New York or Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer could have easily gotten the charges dropped, the whole incident was totally overblown and was a real hassle for Russel Crowe. Now I can't come to your house to deliver your Christmas present uness you're asleep.

John started locking his

He went to work the next day to his bus driving job as if nothing had happened. The Cheeky Bandit In December a thief left a rather unusual clue after breaking into a Darwin office. And in August another Aussie sheila managed to get herself in trouble in the States.

This freaked him out enough to run away as soon as the others were out of sight and he fled and hid behind some public toilets. We hope the tragic truckie will be locked away for a very long time. So they arranged a meeting with her in a park in north Sydney, where they kicked an punched her severely. Ivan Milat - bashed and killed at least seven hitch hikers and buried them in a state forest.

The gun man then bound Joanne's wrists with cable ties and punched her in the head before she managed to escape, she ran into the dark outback and hid under a bush for about five hours. He was fortunate that one of his tormentors thought it all too much at one stage and called the police who raided the place early in the morning. People that knew him described him as a loner and a quiet lad. After pulling over and stopping Peter followed the man to the rear of the Kombi van and Joanne heard a loud bang and Peter Falconio has never been seen again. The curry did not come in a hurry, so by the time the delivery driver turned up at their door they had both fallen asleep.

Last night when I returned from the North Pole I picked a new spot. Ivan then tried to tie up Paul, but he managed to get out of the car and ran away while Ivan fired a shot at him that missed. Vogue Magazine has described this place as the hottest hotel in New York, and this night temperatures certainly ran high. He was charged with assault in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree. Hitch-hiker from hell John and Alois McDonald picked up hitch hiker Ashley Appoo in Queensland in November and invited him over for lunch at their house.

John started locking his bedroom and kept food and water in his room so he would not have to come out while she was around. The jury had taken eight hours of deliberation to come to a unanimous verdict. Unfortunately then the engine stalled before he could start on the seventh mobile phone tower and police were able to use capsicum spray and drag him out of the tank. This is exactly the problem we wanted to fix.

Prison art lecturer Fiona Cocks, who put the exhibition together, said that the public will often see things as offensive when they are just challenging perceptions. He is now still in maximum security at Longland jail in Brisbane and early November went on a hungerstrike for one day claiming to be a political prisoner, he also has lawyers traveling to the U. The truck stop was packed with staff and a room full of truckies having their dinner. The attackers cut off a total of three fingers during the ordeal.