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During the show, three possible secrets about the central contestant are given, one of which is the actual secret contained in their baggage. Similar to ask potential partner must have sex. Is an american format, and original video api. These secrets can include bad habits, strange relationship preferences, issues with one's past, or strange hobbies. After stating this, the contestants then return to the other side of the stage and reveal which suitcase belongs to them.

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The suitcases are placed in random order, so the central character does not know to whom each belongs. Where to meet and collectibles.

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However, if the contestant can not accept the secret, the pair part ways. Each contestant makes one final statement, and the main contestant eliminates a second contestant. The spin-off, entitled Baggage on the Road, follows an identical format to its predecessor while traveling to tape episodes in various U. After the three other contestants are introduced, they each open the smallest piece of baggage, and explain the secrets they contain.

The three contestants are placed on the other side of the stage, along with the central contestant. The person who claims the deal breaker baggage is immediately eliminated, and later backstage reveals the largest piece of baggage that would have been shown in the final round. Only the three contestants know which piece of baggage belongs to whom.