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Consolidating data from multiple pivot tables

We can edit the value in the Active Field box. As awesome as Power Query is, you might not be able to get it.

As awesome as

Type Year that, and press Enter. The following screencast shows how to use the Unpivot Columns button in Power Query. The following image shows where the values for each field are derived from in the original report.

The result will be dynamic and refreshable just as in a Pivot Table. This will help you get started creating pivot tables and show you what a powerful tool they can be. When the data is converted to the proper format, each value will be placed in a separate row, and a month column will be created that contains all the months. So understanding why you need it in the correct format will save you time having to manually convert the report. The Value Range green on the left side is basically stretched out into one column in the table on the right.

Otherwise, you will basically have to reverse engineer the report to get it in the proper table structure. This is the function you want Microsoft Excel to use to consolidate the data.

We can edit the value