But you don't want to be clingy

Could you handle dating a celebrity

If he wants me, he'll come to me. Silently do a happy dance before laying back down on him.

Demand that you guys see a romantic comedy. Figure out where he's going to be.

Kiss him again and

But I'd talk to him about normal things. Suggest maybe a movie at your house. In the mean time, just deal with it Enjoy the attention, weather or not it's true.

You want something casual and comfy, yet something that still looks nice. Near the end, they ask you to come out for the crowd.

Kiss him again and whisper yes in his ear before shutting the door are definatley in. Suggest that you guys watch some tv. Demand to be let in, telling the security guard that you're his cousin and need to be let in. Ask him about being a celebrity.

Skinny jeans and a cute fun tank top. Grab his hand and let him lead you away from the cameras and press. Sit down on the couch and turn on the tv. It gives him a chance to meet the family, and to have some alone time with you to make sure the relationship will work.

Introduce them, and then stand there awkwardly with him while your parents stare him down. Smile really big and pose for the cameras.

Maybe you'll visit where he's filming and see if he notices you. About our lives, favorite music, really anything that comes up.

Suggest that you guys

It looks as if they're hitting on your date. The next day, the public has published some things you did while you were drunk. Some skinny jeans and a cute shirt.

Soon, there's a big crowd watching. When it's announced, everyone stops and starts watching you. Start a rumor about a different celebrity. Maybe it'll get the media off your back. Some jeans and a sweatshirt.