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The film was met with a negative reception from critics, with Roger Ebert believing it to be the worst adaptation of Finney's novel. We'll just have to keep watching Southern Charm to find out. When stalking her Instagram account a bit, we have seen that the girl is a jet-setter and travels around the world via private plane as well. Come on, enjoy your life, be happy and stay in love. Craig's middle name, Wroughton, comes from his great-great-grandmother, Grace Matilda Wroughton.

Next, it will guide the buyer through the steps to complete the purchase, such as sending money. Lord Rahl, my thumb is up for you.

The thief will print out fake tickets that look like the real thing and then sell them to unsuspecting buyers. The Safe Buy When negotiating a deal for a large-ticket item, the seller will reassure the buyer that their money will be safe until the item is received. They target landlords too. The Out-of-Town Seller Some sellers will list a car at an unbelievable price and then tell the buyer a sob story to go with it.

And too many times it works. Depending on the event, these tickets can cost hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of dollars. Fake Tickets Con artists have figured out how to use a printer, which is bad news for people buying event tickets.

The Middleman Sometimes the story is that the owner of the home or apartment is sick, out of the country, or otherwise unavailable and his friend is helping out by renting the place for him. This is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to protect yourself against ticket scams. But I will say this, the interview where he supposedly said he was. Final Word Buying and selling on Craigslist can be an awesome experience.

Depending on the event these