Union said the film was a gift

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Union viewed her character as being similar to members of the Kardashian family or the Braxton sisters. Union saw In Our Nature as a personal victory for her career. Bring It On helped push Union into the mainstream.

It was reported in November that Union became ambassador for nail polish company SensatioNail. She became the company's first celebrity ambassador and creative advisor. Finest, co-starring with Jessica Alba. The role was written with her in mind.

The film was unpopular with critics. Romney had released his own tax returns while a presidential candidate. She played Julia Rossmore, a romantically challenged attorney. Union admitted that at the time of getting the script, she was turned off, but became interested after reading the script at her agent's insistence. Union said the film was a gift.

Romney had released his

The film was the directorial debut of Brian Savelson, the writing ability of whom Union was impressed. According to Union, Perry had specifically approached her over not turning the role into the same character.