Not just by the number alone

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Nothing has ever come out of these reports. It sounds like somewhere I went as a teenager on a Church Youth group retreat. The pictures shown below are courtesy of Lon Gammage Jr.

He worked in the pencil factory and saw Mary the day she was killed. It was also said guard rails could have prevented much of the tragedy. The building below was the administration building. It was started by Truett Cathy. There are several Atlanta notables buried in Westview.

It was once a resort

The bell would ring a certain amount of times to let each district or ward know what area the fire was in. The restaurant later became known as the Dwarf House. There is a college preparatory magnet program. It is open to the public on ocassion. Whole families were destroyed.

This was one of the first trials where the word or testimony of a black man was used to help convict a white man. Leebo handed me a book about Savannah ghost stories. It was close to where I worked, it was also shady and beautiful. It also appears there is similar fencing on the houses to either side of this house. It was well known for it's fried chicken and reasonable prices.

She was heard to tell a caller she was a married woman now and could not come to their place, but that they could visit her at her place. The Winecoff was also billed as firepfroof becasue of its brick construction. It once had motel cabins, gas station and restaurant. Across the top it says Fetilizer Department. Turner tried to make an escape and headed out of town toward Coweta County.

The first house shown below is

The question has even been raised if she disappeared or was abducted at all. In Wilson Turner was a sharecropper who lived and farmed on Wallace's land and also took part int the moonshine operations.

It was just a large mound of dirt. This was once a popular vacation destination. However, in the Street numbers of many houses were changed, and possibly again after that. The restaurant was located on Hemphil near downtown Atlanta. The Olympic flame or torch statue is clearly visible from the back parking area.

The first house shown below is the house used in the movie. It was once a resort area. Right as I snapped the house some one came out and was wondering what I was doing I guess I got spooked and my arm jumped. Inside the car fas found the groceries purchased the night before, women's undergarments neatly folded on the between front seats console, and blood smears.

Before I explain the pictures i will highlight the story. The victims were burned to death, died from smoke inhalation or jumped from the windows.