The rest of me was on autopilot

Dating a girl that got raped

Something about the bed being too small. It sucked and I had her turn it off halfway through. We then drunkenly stumbled into the hallway. The million different societal expectations about sex and gender swirled around my head. The whole group had joined in with us.

She knew exactly what she was doing. She playfully brought up that I should break up with her now and get it over with. We talk a lot about double standards, but this is a big one. But I spent six months wondering what it was.

Something about the bed being

It dawned on me what had happened. She was just standing there naked, half-begging, half-commanding me to have sex with her. She started getting undressed. We put on some music and started the festivities.

Lilly and I were sitting next to each other. The first person I told about the incident, my roommate, was the first person to say it out loud to me. Not in a subtle way, either.

It sucked and I had