He is Muslim, but non-practicing

Dating a turkish guy

He always pays, he always drives, etc. Sometimes you have to do things to make your Man happy or he had to do something to make you happy. Also, my birthday passed, and he gave me some pretty elaborate gifts considering the short amount of time we were dating.

My husband took me to meet his parents the week we started dating, that was a bit scary but at the same time he was showing me how much he loved me. This is the time of year when many women are trying to decide if they should follow their hearts and commit to their Turkish Boyfriend.

Like how you dress, or maybe how you act. So far he is more normal then the usual Germans. Merhaba everyone I am new to the forums. He is in the process of getting his PhD.

First and foremost he comes originally from Turkey. But you have to discuss these things and make the decisions that you are happy with and find compromises with each other just as you would with someone from home. Some just enjoy the women and enjoy the gifts that come along with them. Unfortunately, I do not know Turkish. This man has been a real gentleman.

Some see holidaymakers as easy prey and take advantage. If you are serious about each other then meeting the family is an obvious step. Sometimes we have communication problems because he speaks English fairly well, but oftentimes he comes across something that he doesn't know how to say.

My guy seems very

No money, no presents and no visa. Anyway, I was wondering about cultural differences.

Be careful, ask around see who know this person. Culture is a huge part of Turkish life and it can cause its problems. Put in the safety nets as you would back home. As I always say if its meant to be it will be. He is Muslim, but non-practicing.

My guy seems very sweet and although he says that all Turkish men are jealous, I have never seen him get jealous or controlling. We have had plenty bumps in the road with Culture issues but we have found our way of dealing with these and making sure both of us are happy. If you are serious about each other its good to go meet the family. But I do not want to offend him or make him think that his generosity is not appreciated.

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When I first started dating my husband I was well aware of the so called Love Rats or as I prefer conmen. It might mean going to their home but you will find out more about the guy and what he is really like. His sexual drive droppped.