The Pixls except for Tippi

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Unfortunatley, in some way, Shredder did win. Given where they're sent, it really looks like they died until Jaydes tells Mario and Luigi they were sent to the Underwhere alive. The Duel of in the postgame. They get better, but damn. Raphael is right to be terrified.

Unfortunatley in some way

The giant vat of mutagen Stockman put in his lab keeps coming up, and people just keep falling in it. Like Northhampton in the comics, there's a lot of weird stuff going on around the O'Neil family farm.

Donnie makes smoke bombs out of egg shells. However, this could be deliberate due to his perpetual status as a D-List villain and a Butt-Monkey. Really, all of the turtles in this version have elements of this.

Given where they're sent it

The prophecy only said that the Man in Green would harness the Chaos Heart to destroy the universe. Like the name implies, he has An Ice Person powers. Mutagen Man makes several background cameos in following seasons, but he is never outright saved.

The Kraang primarily, though The Shredder does consider himself to be the entire Hamato Clan's personal nemesis. Tokka was a strong, stupid infant in The Secret of the Ooze. Justified, as there are only two female mutants, both of which are pretty central to the plot.

Needless to say they end up meeting Count Bleck who plans on ending all of existence. After the end of the chapter, Dimentio murders the entire playable cast. Ciro Nieli mentions that a lot of the writing staff apparently have a Mutagen Man toy on their desk and want to utilize Mutagen Man in some shape or form as an important character. Every episode ends with the final frame shifting to a black and white comic panel.

Apparently, it can grant sentience to non-sentient beings, if The Creep, who is a mutant plant monster, and Speed Demon, who is a mutant car, are anything to go by. Casey Jones gets his bike outfitted with a flamethrower in the front.

Bonechill, leader of the Skellobits who invaded the Overthere. It's not until the end of The Manhattan Project that she begins to wonder if they are telling the truth, when she eavesdrops on the Turtles and Splinter discussing her.

During the fight with Francis, he might swallow you with his tongue which will cause gradual damage. Bonus points for making a pun right before it occurs.