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He made it clear that Minister Sabounjian was very understanding, hoping that he would lay this issue on-the-table inside the cabinet. The pair also discussed affairs relevant to Tripoli city.

Yeldrem, for his part, said they boarded an array of transportation issues including the joint projects between the two countries and the maritime line between Mersin and Tripoli seaports. Lebanon is still one of the safest countries in terms of food safety. The Minister added that the state bore the heaviest burden in this matter, leaving the possibility of future fuel price reduction open, pending international changes. Abboud refused to portray Lebanon as a haven for spoiled and decayed food, assuring that the situation now is under control. Conferees discussed as well the measures to be adopted by the Finance Ministry so as to limit the repercussions of the world economic recession on the Lebanese economy.

The visiting delegation briefed Charbel on their tight living conditions and their inability to pay their yearly mechanic dues. He said that any accountability held in this regard is regarded as tantamount to a political target, hence politicized. He officially announced the adoption of the project and that he would remain in contact with the league in order to pursue the matter in Parliament. In the wake of the meeting, Nahas said this law was being studied meticulously so as to come up with a final formula and a new mechanism which reactivates control on food products.

Following the visit, Aridi described Lebanese-Turkish relations as excellent, with coordination existing in all issues and aspects to ensure further productivity. These boats are not Bassil's invention but were part of a plan submitted by the minister. The Forum meeting sheds light on the issue of economic development through combating corruption and achieving social justice. Finally, the Minister stressed the responsibility of government to find a solution to price inflation, especially that of fuel. Both discussed means of enhancing bilateral ties.

Conferees confirmed that they will cling to their demands and consider the general assembly's decision for strike as binding to all syndical committees in the transportation sector. Discussions touched on the budget issue and ways to introduce the necessary reforms through the World Bank's assistance. Harb and, in a public statement today, described the Maronite league's proposed economic zone as inducive to launching a major economic activity in Batroun and round about.

As to governance, the Minister said that this notion was indispensible as to the good implementation of sustainable development and that it complemented representative democracy. In his address, Minister Abboud said there exists no real intention by some sides in Lebanon to fight corruption due to political and confessional considerations. Aoudi Hassi uttered appreciation for the Minister's endeavors to establish a businessmen cooperation and friendship committee. It was started in and has more than members as of now, with roughly equal number of males and females, then between the members the lebanese are mandatory majority.

The meeting took place at Hajj Hassan's ministerial office. Both men went over the best means to ensure better cooperation on the economic level in favor of both countries. The Summit mainly caters to Web and mobile developers, industry leaders, business professionals and entrepreneurs.

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Morgan Bank accompanied by international investors. Najdeh also called on the Prime Minister to set up a committee to set benzene prices on weekly basis. Put away your credit cards.

Yeldrem for his part said they

Jreissati stressed the importance of safeguarding social security that goes in line with health security. He first met with Member of Parliament Robert Fadel over the current political and economic situation in the country. The minister added that he filed a law suit against certain parties which distributed a false list of restaurants that served spoiled food. Also, it has been disclosed that there was a bid to buy new buses for public transportation that would abide by international standards for transportation.

Charbel duly promised to have the ministry pay for this year pending a legal solution to other late dues. Harb spoke highly about project laying the infrastructure for an electronic industry, by this, he added that Lebanese youth would not emigrate in quest of work anymore. He explored with them methods for inspecting food across tourism institutions and centers in Lebanon.