Valentine's Day Ice Skating

Dating goatee

Off the top of my head, I can think of dozens of celebrities I think are sexy with some extreme stubble. Whether or not women like facial hair on a man is absolutely a matter of preference. Valentine's Day Ice Skating. Wear your beard, mustache, goatee lame, but if you must and mutton chops proudly. All in all, my advice is to rock facial hair because you like it and feel comfortable with it.

Public Shopping Mall Kiss

In fact, there are dozens of variations.

Public Shopping Mall Kiss. Even Jim Carrey looks good sporting the lumberjack look. If you prefer to forgo the facial mop, then delight in being able to see your lips when you look in the mirror. If you choose to go the clean-shaven route, you will be attracting women like lawyers, doctors, pilots, military, housewives and insurance claim adjusters.

Even Jim Carrey looks good sporting