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We had a second interview to explain where we would be and how the process would work. We were both born in Canada. Well, one man did eventually get in line, but he prefaced his question by saying that his wife had brought him there. After a short interview our agents found positions here in Bucheon, Korea. Our principals and teachers are really impressed that we're simply trying to learn the language, even though both they know and we know that it's not necessary for us to do so.

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Once you learn how to read, it is easier to get around by bus and subway, as well as order food from a restaurant. Also it's their channel so they can do whatever they want with it. Kpop fans are really easy offended. As for now, we're really enjoying Korea and plan on staying for at least two years.

We use Skype quite often and we bought webcams and microphones for our family before we left. We would describe it more as tedious and annoying than difficult. It can be the biggest shock for some people. Still, no matter how much of a destination of choice Korea becomes, when I see video footage of Asia shot by a traveler with any sense of fresh-eyed curiosity, I do think of Japan.

Before that, the two felt it was inappropriate to invite artists to their personal homes for interviewing purposes and declined several interview requests. Well actually I didn't knew anything about that fundraiser thing.

We'd strongly recommend reading and learning the language for starters. The locals are great because the locals are not rude. We feel quite strongly about this.

Learn the names of the food in Korean so you can order them once you get here, just in case you can't read the menu. We can't say for sure what we want to do right now. We're both living in Bucheon, South Korea.

Idk what to say to that tbh. We do believe that it's important to read and speak the local language, which is why we're trying to learn though it is exceptionally difficult. They simply deduct the monthly cost from our paychecks.