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However, this deduction is eventually revealed to be incorrect. Mad scientist Simon Quaid co-inventor with Joseph Oppenheimer of the robots programmed the robots to take over the world, in a social-engineering scheme that few voters would approve. Everyone is shocked and in utter disbelief that Kaede, who wanted to end the killing game and save everyone, could be the culprit. Hawk was also searching, for other members of his bird-man species. This show had an amazingly literate take on good, evil, art, science, and society.

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Shuichi speculated that The Mastermind might come to open the door at any time. Buck was helped by chaste-but-sexy Wilma Deering, promoted since the old series into the more politically-correct Commander of Terrestrial Defenses. He made a vow to not look away from the truth anymore and believe in himself, essentially saying goodbye to her.

He gained a fear of exposing the truth, considering himself a pathetic detective, and he began to wear a hat because he couldn't look at other people's eyes anymore. Shuichi criticized her for giving up, but she reassured him that she isn't.

Unfortunately, the Earth Defense Directorate based in New Chicago agreed with their assessment, albeit they did not approve of the Draconian's never-ending plans to conquer Earth. When the city's electrical consumption went up at dawn, Automan faded away. While he was only helping out and had no desire to be a detective himself, he learned to be a detective this way.