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Can I dry fire my centerfire rifle? What is the value of a Remington Gamemaster with serial? Applying a small amount of stain to the barrel channel inletting may be helpful to your decision making process. We recommend that a consumer contact the manufacturer for its recommendation.

Is there a recommended break in procedure for Remington rifles? They are not intended for use with lead or steel shot. If you have the Rem Choke system, you may shoot any size steel through the Improved Cylinder and Modified choke tubes. What is the value of a Remington Model clip fed bolt action rifle? If you are using a full choke tube or tighter it is strongly recommended that you use a choke that is stamped for steel and lead.

Are you using a rifle or shotgun? It is a combination of velocity and shot charge weight that cycle an autoloading shotgun. Please be sure to include your name and a contact number in case we need to get in touch with you for more details. In order to determine the grade, site we would need an explicit description of the wood and any engraving on the gun.

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The cover is slightly different, but usable if you alter it to be close to the old cover. This cartridge combines moderate recoil with exceptional accuracy in short action rifles. Most ammunition manufacturers apply a wax-like coating to the bullet which reduces the amount of lead deposited into the bore of the firearm as each shot is fired.

  1. If you contact us at or contact us with the model of your firearm and barrel code, we can determine the date of manufacture.
  2. Hello all I am new to the forums and have read through some of the psot and found some very good info.
  3. My Model or Model Premier is not cycling properly, what can be the problem?
  4. There are a number of resources that provide complete specifications and dimensions of rifle calibers.

Where can I find information about Remington's history? If ammunition is exposed to fire or if ammunition is older than shelf life, contact your local authorities for assistance with proper disposal. Where can I find information on pre Remington firearms? As Remington Arms Company, Inc.

Not as fast as you would think. These extractors are riveted into the bolt, require a special rivet and tool to install. Which scope is best for my needs? All screw on front sight bases have the same hole spacing, so any later Remington front sight unit will fit, however the height of the blade may be different if off a different model. We hope that your new Remington brings you pride and enjoyment for many years to come.

What is hard to see on the rifle on top, above is a auxiliary fold down peep sight mounted to the rear of the scope base, hence no barrel mounted rear sight. Replacement keys are available for purchase. Depending on where the item is being shipped to, legit free online most orders should be received within business days.

The Action Bar Lock is the lever you depress to manually open the action. The difference for the other calibers, that the shoulder dimple was placed in a different location, as for the Rem. The weight of the hammer holds it forward during firing.

What is the age of a Remington with serial number

Initially the wood was plain uncheckered walnut buttstock with a vertical grooved forearm. You can find a Remington Dealer through our Retail Locator. The slide stop is also used to manually lock the slide back for safe handling, inspection, disassembly and cleaning. Firearm manufacturers select twist rates for their guns which effectively stabilize most popular bullet weights for that caliber. Following the production of this rear sight, extensive testing and external feedback has clearly shown that this screw is not necessary, as the press-fit sight remains securely in place without it.

Remington guarantees to repair or replace free of charge any Remington safe that is forcibly entered during the lifetime of the original purchaser. The Remington shooting glasses are a licensed product manufactured by the Radians. Does the camouflage coating on my firearm make it water resistant? With this muzzleloader, we have received our best results on average using grains of Pyrodex Select and about a grain sabot.

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The factory says all barrels are date code stamped, well I have found some that are not, or if they are, dating are so erratic stamping that trying to decipher them is impossible. Rifled slugs also perform very well from this choke. One confusing thing about the model numbers is that very few actually had the suffix letter stamped on the gun.

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It took the factory a few years to figure out what was going on. How rare is a Remington in savage caliber? Thank you for your interest in Remington!

Remington Manufacture Dates

With this interchangeable choke barrel, you can use a fully rifled choke tube for Sabot Slugs, or an improved cylinder, modified, or full choke for lead or steel shot. What is the action type, rolling block, slide or pump action, auto-loading, bolt action, or lever action? What is the current value of my Remington firearm? Remington Society of America, Manufactured Date link has the details. Here is the exact pricing guide out of the Blue book for your gamemaster.

What is the manufacture date of Remington model with serial number
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Wipe the outside of your gun with a minimum of Rem Oil to prevent rusting. The other common form was a small rectangular sticker. Where can I get the new SuperCell recoil pad? What can you tell me about the and will scope bases for the Model interchange? This generally provides a good starting point.

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Does anyone have access to a Blue Book value of a Remington Woodsmaster in. All Remington safes are U. Due to the many variables involved with valuation, we would encourage you to refer to the many publications that are available on the subject of gun values or have it appraised by a collector.

Remington Barrel date Code

The nickel plating is typically only a few ten thousandths of an inch thick. Once you start to see the groups open up, you can send the gun in to us for evaluation. The photos below may help a bit. The nominal suggested range of charge weight produces the best combination of accuracy and velocity.

Remington Serial number look up Anything and everything related to firearm maintenance, modification, safety and troubleshooting can be posted here. How long will my firearm repair usually take? The guns would not function properly if the incorrect barrel was matched up with a different frame. Please provide us with the above information along with a brief description of the gun and we will furnish to you the information that we have available.

In the photos below, on the left are the original deep drawn magazines, where they stamped individual calibers on each, even though as in these Win. This is an ever growing list and does not include every dealer. Check the scope mount makers web sites or call Remington.

  • Less recoil means second shot recovery is quicker, allowing the user to get back on target more easily.
  • The two or three letter code stamped on the base of the barrel will tell the year and usually also the month of manufacture.
  • They didn't make that many, you have an extra digit somewhere.

Also, is my dating correct? If you find marks on the underside of the barrel, they will more than likely be fitters or assembly marks, which mean nothing as to dating the firearm. Yes, we will be happy to assist you with your older Remington firearm.

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