Somebody was in the house

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Ever the charmer, Michele even congratulated the detective on cracking the case. After I found out about the affair he moved out because he knew I would never trust him again.

That explanation, however flawed, provided a reason why the house was devoid of forensic evidence. The gated community was soon swarming with cop cars, detectives and forensic analysts. Two and a half years is far off from two months. She was later spotted at sports bars and shopping for adult Halloween costumes.

Shelly meet my husband through a motorcycle club named the Booze fighters, which her father is a member of. His third wife, Michele, was charged with murder. Your report has been received. This whore Shelly Williams lacks any type of self-esteem so she has to go after married men.

Shelly meet my husband

His wife, Michele far right is accused of murdering him. It occurred less than an hour into her interrogation, and she skillfully dodged the question. So not only was she screwing a married man but a man with a pregnant wife at home.

His third wife Michele

After two hours of questioning, the Keller police officer interrogating Michele provided her with a new cover story. Michele claimed an intruder dressed in black smacked her in the head with the wrench before shooting Greg in the right temple and fleeing out the back door. Police confirmed the vehicle belonged to a newspaper delivery person.