She's an unlockable character

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There has been a hole in the sky that teddy's brother Landon had been researching about. Cole Stratford- Is an unlockable character who is on handicap as he was born without hands. Since Awkward won the reward, she is to receive a hot date with a futuristic male.

Cheat Codes Edit Codes can be entered at the wishing well at the bottom of the map. He was friends with Elliot, the king from Wonderland Days. In the background behind Mr.

Then later, Awkward is seen swimming in the heart-shaped pool. Afterwards, Joseph can be found back in his castle. Apparently, the hole will disappear in a few months.

Saige wakes up the next day, puzzled at her own dream and is even more surpised to be greeted by Nathan who allows Saige to stay as long as she needs. Instead, he offers Saige to rest in his room as he takes a spare room instead. He was originally supposed to be a minor character and was supposed to be wearing glasses. Servant of the King of Lunar Kingdom. Apparently, Nathan is the first character of Pacthesis's that has glasses and isn't shy and bashful.

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He used to travel to different worlds. This was later replaced with bandages because Pacthesis found it strange to include both Nathan and Emmet with glasses. Then later during the Miley's pool party she was seen being hassled by the future guide Emit Relevart who was flying around and annoying her. Toko there is a heart on the arch. Otherwise Saige wouldn't have any blood relations whatsoever.

As the fire started to spread, it reached Awkward where Kelly made the tim go by to see what happens, where she eventually burned to ashes. It is pressumed she left the wedding after Miley did. Then later, Kelly made her go get a snack from the Vending Machine. He reveals that he stole one of Landon's other time-jumpers as the one Saige had was faulty.

Then later, Kelly made Awkward try to hit on The Mad Clapper, and was later unclothed to get his attention. There were originally six characters whilst Oz and Emmet were added at the secound stage of her planning. Nathan appears, asking if it's a friend of Saige's but Teddy takes it the wrong way and instantly sends her back.

If choosing to get together with Emmet, supposively that makes Saige the great grandmother of Cole. Originally, Emmet wasn't supposed to be datable. Later, Awkward headed towards a hot tub nearby, where she also sassed a old man.