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Dating squash blossom necklaces, paula – What is my Squash Blossom Necklace Worth?

Squash Blossoms Necklace

Really the best way to find value is to send or take the item to a person experienced and knowledgeable about Native American jewelry. What the market is willing to pay. That will be the subject of a future article. It will take you to this screen.

When the squash blossom was first used by the Navajo is questionable. Many squash blossom necklaces are beautiful but are too much necklace for many people to wear. The term squash blossom will continue to be used as it is so well established. The squash blossom has been explained in other ways.

If you take your items to a pawn shop, if the items are sterling silver, you will likely be offered scrap or melt value. John Wetherill, the wife of an early trader on the Navajo reservation, is said to have contended that this bead was inspired by the tiny flowerets in the center of the common sunflower. You might see the price lowering over time or the seller might invite offers with the Best Offer feature.

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As a result of the earlier influences, their squash blossoms were of Navajo style. We take all of these things into consideration. Best of luck and soon I will write an article about melt value and another with advice on what listing your item on eBay entails. In addition, dads against daughers dating the scale of the piece will also affect price.

As the Zuni Indians learned silversmithing from the Navajo and as a Zuni taught a Hopi, both of these Pueblo tribes practiced a Navajo style of silvercrafting. You can also use eBay to help you get a ball park figure on what an item similar to yours has sold for in the recent past.

Squash Blossom Necklaces- History and Style

There are very specific ways to drill down to an accurate market value of a piece. The eBay marketplace will give you a rough idea of retail value since most of the shoppers there are individuals like you. The bottom line is, the best way to find out what your items are worth is to find a person knowledgeable and experienced in Native American jewelry. However, when Washington Matthews described Navajo silvercraft in he makes no mention of this bead type, yet he describes in detail the plain bead and other pieces of this early date. This shows the items currently for sale that are like your item.

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Paula – What is my Squash Blossom Necklace Worth?

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