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Dating wurlitzer electric piano

Damper arms are long, covering reed screws, which is still an inconvenience. By a new factory was built in Cincinnati, Ohio, continuing to sell pianos with the Wurlitzer label, but made by other European makers. This gives the Wurlitzer a sharper and punchier tone. Serial numbers may also include a letter as well.

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Wurlitzer headquarters are located in Hullhorst, and has distribution and sales offices in Gurnee, Illinois and Oxfordshire, England. Model had many innovative patented features. The A was only available in black and avocado green.

This information can help guide you in making important decisions. This model appears to date from the early s and was available in orange or beige. By the s other companies dominated the jukebox market. In Wurlitzer bought the entire operation, and moved all Wurlitzer manufacturing from Ohio to New York. Gibson Guitars acquired the Baldwin Piano Co.

American Mohawk Lyric Radio as Mfd. They were attached by an umbilical to a full size teacher piano with controls to feature each pupil piano.

After lifting up the lid, look along the top front area of the plate. The P was available as a set of eight on a folding frame, forming a portable keyboard lab. Reed screws are now below the front end of damper arms, far more accessible for tuning and replacement. It was subsequently used by Ray Charles and Joe Zawinul.

Sometimes the upper and lower ends of a keyboard have different date stamps, if two pieces of wood were used. Sometimes a single keybed is made from two pieces of wood, each with a different stamp at the transition point. If I may toot my own horn.

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