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Maria worked in a gift shop and Ricardo worked for the railroad. She had complete control over what happened in her relationship. It did enhance their sexual relationship having me be a part of it.

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The two of us, not the three of us. On a trip to Canada, during which she expected Mr McGreevey to propose to her, she insisted that Mr Pedersen stay behind. The Friday Night Special, he claimed, was replaced by a more subdued Saturday-morning routine. Despite her denials, the allegations were later repeated by Mr McGreevey himself.

Jim McGreevey filed for divorce last year. Saturdays were a lot more low-key. He and Dina are due back in divorce court Thursday.

His entire life had been choreographed, and even as his world was falling apart, he was still trying to script everything and making sure that day went as he wanted it. Mr Pedersen said he had only decided to come forward with his claims after seeing Mrs Matos McGreevey criticising Mr Spitzer's behaviour on television. The adviser has said he was sexually harassment. So I sat on the couch and watched and eventually joined in. She majored in political science, but also worked as a secretary while in college.