They tend to be self-starters

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They tend to dislike repetition and routine, and may ignore the details and minutia of a situation, even if it's important. The D can be controlling and domineering at times and will need to watch their tone and body language when feeling frustrated or stressed out. Freedom from routine and mundane tasks is important. The C has very high standards for both themselves and others.

However, they will be cautious when analyzing and will find any mistakes that need to be corrected. But sometimes they are reminded of the value of rest and recreation can be and guided to that type of activity.

They think very analytically and

The C may need to focus more on people in order to build strong relationships, as they may have a tendency to focus on tasks more than people and want to work alone. They will avoid conflict rather than argue, and it is difficult to get them to verbalize their feelings. Pay attention to the details because this is what the C focuses on.

They think very analytically and systematically, and make decisions carefully with plenty of research and information to back it up. Avoid repeating yourself or rambling.

Avoid repeating yourself

At times, the C will need to push themselves to be decisive and take risks, even if all the research isn't there to support it. But we we are confident that marriages are improved through understanding, appreciation and respect. They are bottom-line organizers that can lead an entire group in one direction.