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Simply enter your email address in the form in the right sidebar. Of them, the number on the top, which typically begins with S, is your dishwasher's model number. Or if you're a number genius, commit it to memory. In some models, you will find it on the side panel of your dishwasher.

The word spread, and soon Cochrane was getting orders for her dishwashing machine from restaurants and hotels in Illinois. Encyclopedia of Modern Everyday Inventions.

After one event, the servants carelessly chipped some of the dishes, causing her to search for a safer alternative. As the dishes spun, they were cleaned by hot, soapy water.

Encyclopedia of Modern Everyday Inventions

This pushed her to create a commercially successful product. Letting the engineers know the model number and the serial number will help them to know what type of machine they will be working with and what tools they will possibly need to use. It wasn't until the s that dishwashers became a common household item after new suburban homes were built with the plumbing required to handle the extra hot water. Alexander improved on the device with a geared mechanism that allowed the user to spin racked dishes through a tub of water. She had one sister, Irene Garis Ransom.

The word spread