Treat love like you do books

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There's absolutely no point in settling down just to settle. The worst part of doing a case study on shredded love is having your memories corrupted by all the things you wish you did. But two years later, as I write this from the apartment that Jessi and I call home, I know that trying something I had no idea about turned out to be the best idea I ever had. But let me backtrack a bit. It's one of those things we tell ourselves because we desperately want to believe it.

Over the next few months I

Take your stack of worn-out, tear-stained, dating advice books and throw them out. Order your favorite dish of chicken parm and eat it on a first date. The year-old couple in matching burgundy sweaters splitting French toast at the diner across the street, looking at each other like they just met for the first time.

Write down a list of things you love in this world and a list of things that bother you. Toss them in the recycling bin, use them as coasters on your living room table, glue them on top of each other and make them into a sturdy step stool. If you want to meet new people potential dates you need to actually try. We want to know what you think. Never say you're too busy for love.

Own up to the quirks and habits and hobbies that make you, you. When it gets boring, or too complicated, put it down.

Just start by stopping to look

Needless to say, I created an OkCupid account shortly thereafter. Talk about whatever you want.

Just start by stopping to look down at your phone all the time while you're out in public and say hello more. Over the next few months, I met and dated a few really memorable women. The person who latches onto your heart should make you feel extraordinary. If you want to text the person after the date to say thank you for the nice night out, or after the third date give them a smooch goodbye, do it. She had just cancelled her Match.