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Grandpa takes Tommy to the supermarket where Tommy makes a huge mess while looking for the new Reptar cereal. Tommy, however, is more interested in catching his balloon than the ball game. The babies hold their own prom.

Anthony Bell John Holmquist. She has a great time using a buzzer which Stu set up to get attention at all times, stressing out her aunt and uncle in the process.

The babies try to build an ark after fearing a huge flood. The babies hold their own election between Tommy and Phil.

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Tired of being picked on by Angelica, the babies meet a boy named Josh, who turns out to be even worse. Angelica accidentally handcuffs herself to Chuckie with a gift that is being sent to charity, and things get worse when she loses the key. The babies think that Angelica has turned into stone after a bad wish.

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Meanwhile, Didi starts to feel seasick, and the cause is eventually revealed to be pregnancy.

Grandpa takes Tommy to theAnthony Bell John Holmquist