Produced by Kim Yoon-chul

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If you need any reason to watch this show, it's the chemistry between newcomer Kim Jae-won who's great as Kwan-woo and Kim Ha-neul. But presently Toram begins to droop. An interesting character, Lee Han-sae is perceived as a playboy by others who do not know him personally. As the fate of the four intertwines, the show goes on to tell of the enthralling love story between Joon-sang and Yoo-jin. Director Lee Jin-suk of All about Eve and A Star in My Heart fame might have decided to give the drama an ambiguous ending, leaving the audience hanging at the end of the show.

She never quite persuaded me that women would chase her out of a women's sauna when she tried to make a good delivery, but she does have an androgynous charm and earnestness that makes her lovable. Another actress Kim Tae-hee, who plays the evil Yuri, failed to impress with her bad-girl impersonation. Produced by Lee Yoon Jung. It would be almost criminal leaving Kong Hyo-jin out of the picture. Hyun-sung then breaks away from Song-yee's grip and grabs Hee-won.

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It was refreshing to see him back on the small google box after seeing him in so many big movie projects. But, even more surprising, Gi-tae seems to slowly warm up to her.

To conclude, My Love Patji is as good a comedy as has come out for a long time. In Korea and not only there she's no longer prime meat in the marriage market, even if she weren't slightly plump, loud, and stubbornly self-willed. She is hot-tempered and does not hide her thoughts. The plot has its pretty ridiculous moments as well, especially the heart-thumping moments, which I felt were pretty preposterous.

It was simply incomprehensible. In short, one of the funniest, most charming miniseries of the year. Also, while the characters are broad caricatures and follow the dichotomy of the genre, they're treated with such a lighthearted approach that it's hard to not be charmed by Jang Nara and company. If you're tired of super-pretty plastic beauties overacting at every chance they get, here's finally someone who can convey different emotions without making a fool of herself. Kongji is the nice girl in the story, whereas Patji is the mean sister.

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Yoon Eun-hye has a hard job. There's one lovely scene where Han Gyeol visits his grandmother, who's seriously ill and looks it.

This could be said to be his breakthrough drama, as it was through this show that he shot to great fame. And it's not only a question of who will get the girl, there's also a question of which Prince will become the next ruler. Kim Jae-won is Kang Seung-joon, who is the son of a rich amusement park owner.

In fact, he is Kim Tae-hee's brother in real life. That may be why, despite her attraction to him, she can still look at Heon-bin with a critical, even cynical eye. Song Seung-un is Jun-suh, and Song Hye-gyo is Eun-suh, who grew up together as siblings for fourteen years.

As usual in a series, Coffee Prince includes a constellation of secondary characters, ranging from Eun Chan's feckless mother Park Won-sook, Tomato and the wacky butcher, Mr. He swings between the character's innocent naivete and guilt for his past with ease.