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While in jail however, Father Brown receives more information that makes him believe that he is right, and with Sid and Mrs. An Italian coin arouses Father Brown's suspicions, and a pair of shoes that are too large put Lady Felicia's life in danger.

The sword belonged to the regiment's colonel who used the sword to charge an enemy position with his men.

Sid Carter is released from prison after a year following his conviction of assault on Judith Miles, then a prostitute, now working in a solicitors office. Lady Felicia has to choose between lover and husband and Moscow get the film they do not expect. His film of African orphans being shown at the Kembleford Women's Institute is switched for a pornographic film.

Mrs McCarthy sendsLady Felicia has to choose betweenSid Carter is released fromThe murder is complicatedHis film of

Bunty finds the show announcer's diary revealing his colourful lifestyle and his new found prospects. Inspector Sullivan's investigations find him on the run for killing a fellow detective and seeking sanctuary in the confessional at St Mary's.

The sword belonged to the regiment's

Mrs McCarthy sends Bunty to gather mushrooms for her soup and over dinner. During the evening the baby is taken from his cot.

The murder is complicated by the fact that Webb died from drowning.

Inspector Mallory suspects an inside job by the valet when his secret wife arrives while Brown is more interested in the birth of the baby at a home for unmarried mothers. Executive Producer John Yorke came up with the idea after hearing a radio documentary about G.

Executive Producer John YorkeInspector Mallory suspects an inside job

Flambeau is shocked to find a woman from his past he thought dead seeking to avenge the death of her parents by killing the curator. Father Brown meets a visiting German priest, arousing hostility amongst the villagers with recent war memories.

During the evening the baby

Father Brown has to engineer Flambeau's escape from the death cell. Tensions are fanned by the Reverend Gillespie, a Methodist minister whose wife and daughter died in the blitz. Mrs McCarthy walks out with a ne'er-do-well.

Father Brown, Mrs McCarthy and Felicia find themselves stranded at a hotel hired by Madame Chania Ronni Ancona and her guests, international playboys, seeking hedonistic pleasures. Katherine Corven awaiting execution for murdering her husband is reprieved on the confession of her housekeeper.