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He has a wife, Sachiko, and a son named Sumumu. He stated that he was not into romance, finding acts such as sharing a bed or bathing with someone else bothersome and unnecessary.

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After the war is over, he finds his way back home. Midori- Doesn't want an adaptive husband, she doesn't want to mary someone like her aunt Tei did. But, while knowing her, he is sleeping with Yuri, the hired help for the Tanokura household. He aspired to become a manga artist. Michiko- Doesn't get along with Oshin.

As this is a delicate time, I would like this to be dealt with as gently as possible. Yuri runs off to Nozomi in search of new work and to not ruin Hitoshi's life. The girls follow their mother in their opinions of the relationship between Hitoshi and his mother, Oshin.

Super is nineteen years Matsumoto's junior, and apparently became pregnant by Matsumoto, prompting the marriage. There are many arguements and Michiko often runs back home to Nagoya, with her parents. This upsets Oshin the most. Both daughters over talk their parents and are very opinionated.

Although, Hitoshi was raised side by side with Nozomi, so he does not share his wife's exact feelings. Hitoshi wants to marry michiko for her money and father's help in business. Hitoshi is relieved to discover Kei is with his mother. Bad mouths Oshin whenever the chance is around. It isn't clear when or how he met Michiko.

Hitoshi Matsumoto

He only ran off to Tokyo, because Nozomi had left home to accomplish his dream of becoming a pottery maker. He and Oshin often had many disputes against how the business should be ran. When the girls pick on their father for Oshin's absence, Michiko allows the girls to talk down to their father. He overly depends on his mother's support for their chain of Tanokura Supermarkets to be successful. Because of war with the United States, Hitoshi and Nozomi have to work in war plants.

Hitoshi Yamada Photography

Hitoshi's marriage life is stressful. When Hitoshi gets older, because he wants a bigger bussiness, dating young woman he runs off to Tokyo.

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His daughters make fun of him, saying he has a mother complex. It would be best to hold a press conference, however I'm too embarassed to, so I won't.

Akane- Majored in Art and got a job to get away from the family business Takeshi- In line to run the family business. My work has been featured in numerous publications worldwide. He knows she will be cared for.

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He runs the chain of supermarkerts, and Oshin is vice president. This makes Oshin oppose the marriage heavily. Although, he cared a lot about Nozomi. Hitoshi was pretty rude to Hat-Chan at times, but whenever it came to whether Hat-Chan would return back to her parents, Hitoshi always wanted her to stay.

His running away to Tokyo is a failure. Michiko is spoiled and hates hard work.