Hook up list revenge, recent posts

Hook up list revenge

This is a family that has crossed over the edge of disaster. This boy is a true genius. Was everybody involved on Facebook at the same time?

Girls can have sexual urges all they want. And you are all believing it. Just letting people know in some places girls use V-card to just mean straight up plain sex. Make you think you hurt them for their guilt trip. But this is epic and why I do not post stuff unless I am sure I want to say it.

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Would the guy who found the list completely diss his parents race? That is the best revenge ever except this girls going to be scarred forever and needs some intense therapy or become a nun. You know, I have no problem with revenge, but calling a girl a whore and a slut is just plain wrong. That was not karma that was revenge.

Hook up list revenge

This is really dumb on both parts. Hahahahahahha what a fucking slut! Think of how the guys felt who were just another notch on her bedpost. She wanted to be a bitch to her brother? The one good thing that may come out of this is for other girls who so this stupid shit will take note!

Hook up list revenge

Oh, and a quote that seems to work for me on this I know it is from a video game and it is kinda sad but it totally stands out in the case of Sibling Rivalry. That does make the three months of grounding, all worth it. Or she may have been sexually assaulted and has no one to confide in. Anyway, I would feel like my brother was justified.

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Your brother and sister your meant to be sticking up for each other the not causing each other grief. Maybe not now, but eventually. Email required Address never made public. She may have problems, body type dating sites but probably not.

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Hook up list revenge

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Wether its mental or paper, i bet we all have a list. Notify me of new posts via email. In cases like these, girls have often been sexually abused by someone they trust, a group leader, teacher or a family member. As for the boy, well, he got caught, he got grounded. If this is what people find humor in, then humanity has fallen to an all new low.

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Its her fault for writing it down and leaving it somewhere easy enough for her brother to find it. Why is she being castimagated harshly? Which would be perfect because she wouldnt have the pleasure of eye candy guys or the temptation to sneak off.

Whoah Phil, what kinds of drugs were those exactly? Yeah, i agree and who the fuck writes it down on paper? Women have enough issues with double standards and this shit enforces that and makes it harder for everyone to get laid. Too bad you all feel you have to come in for the kill and take away any vestiges of self worth they might still have.

And those others who said this is degrading for her, she degraded herself by doing what she did. This can never be taken back. Siblings are supposed to be rivals to toughen them up for the world.

  • She had it coming for being a bitch, a whore, and being ridiculously retarded.
  • Because she wants to have perfectly natural sexual encounters with people?
  • Get help for liking to see a slut get caught by karma?
  • But those who said that other women should stick up for other women are just plain absurd.

Revenge Facebook Style Brother 1 Sister 0 - Elist10

  1. This made my whole fucking week.
  2. The world will be a better place.
  3. But it seems he was out to annihilate his sister.
  4. Think about what you just posted.
Hook up list revenge

Although she probably feels terrible, she does deserve it. And now we are actually very very close. This girl is not a whore for having sexual desires or for writing them down. She saved him from underage drinking.

Hook up list revenge - Stop being

Hook up list revenge - Stop being

She was a cunt for ratting his beer secret to the parents. This is fucking hilarious. Idiotic move from her side, i mean she all ready is on her new level of low.

He is going to drink beer soon, what's the best dating website probably after getting ungrounded. It was the most painful experience while growing up. Now I have a glass of wine every now and then. The girl did nothing wrong by telling her parents he had beer in his room. It seems pretty big brother-ish to judge someone based on the topics they include in their diary.

Boy Gets Revenge On Sister Via Facebook - Geekologie

Katie obviously has problems, whatever those problems are, her parents or a psychologist needs to talk to her about them. If she plays her cards right. Just grounded as a motherfucker. That was a mean guy for doing that stuff. Like I said, this is so faked.

Revenge Facebook Style Brother 1 Sister 0

Anyone who needs to make a list of the guys she wants to hook-up with, then sets a deadline, is hooking up entirely too much. Its called different handwriting and the people she actually hooked up with. You are so low, I would never even make a hook up list. Still, why in the hell would you do a list of people you either want or have screwed?

She had this coming, and clearly thought she was queen of the world to think she was this untouchable. His sister is really idiotic for writing a list. She could have wrote it up to get him even with her.

The whole thing plays ot wayyyy to quickly. Obviously the thing was edited. Same goes for him leaving beer lying around! Erin, shut the fuck up you pussy. Actually i can see it now.

We write about sex in our journals, etc. When i found out my brother ratted me out for drinking and ratting my friends brother who bought us the beer. Girls are way too easy and slutty lately. It wouldnt suprize me is the parents found out and disowned the poor girl and her brother for their cruel acts of sibling rivalry. Chris should have taken the note he found to his parents.

Life is Savage has moved to a new location. Otherwise it would not appear like that, try going to one of your albums and see what it says. No idea how he puts up with her. Honestly, as a woman, I find what he did is justified.

Hook up list revenge

And the only girls saying that was a bitch move or complaining are the dumb sluts just like katie. And honestly who would think of that immediately in this situation? Somebody call the waaaaaaahmbulance.

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